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Keep track of important IAFCC meetings, due dates, and opportunities for professional development.

Join Idaho Associationof Free & Charitable Clinics

Are you a free or charitable clinic located in the great state of Idaho? Join the Idaho Association of Free & Charitable Clinics! Our mission is to promote and support free clinics in Idaho in their missions to provide quality primary health care services to individuals who are underserved.


For more information on membership and benefits, visit our Member Resources page.

Please answer all questions with regards to the past calendar year. If you do not have data for certain questions, that is ok! For those questions, please provide your best estimate or indicate N/A. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us at

The electronic application will take approximately 15-30 minutes of your time to complete. The data collected will:

  • Help IAFCC to better serve you in upcoming years

  • Secure new partnerships and champions for our sector

  • Enable IAFCC to promote your work, increase the visibility of Idaho free clinics online, do outreach with target populations, and get our stories in the media 

Once we have your application, IAFCC will invoice your clinic for the standard $100 membership fee.

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