Members of the IAFCC are eligible for full sales tax exemption on all purchases as of 2017, thanks to the hard work of IAFCC and free clinic advocates. For more information, visit The Idaho State Tax Commission website.


Member clinics must give the vendor/seller a completed Form ST-101, Sales Tax Resale or Exemption Certificate, on exempt purchases. The seller must keep the certificate and any other documentation and not charge tax on future qualifying sales to the buyer.


Legend drugs may be transferred from a qualified donor to a donation repository for donation to medically indigent patients.


FMCs may register with Idaho through the department if all the terms and conditions are met under Idaho Code Title 39, Chapter 77. Registration with Idaho offers liability immunity to primary care clinicians who are not compensated for the care they provide. Registration requires completion and submission of an application with a one-time $50 processing fee.

As a registered free medical clinic, you may be eligible to receive donated prescription medications under the Idaho Legend Drug Donation Act, Idaho Code 54-1762. Legend drugs may be transferred from a qualified donor to a donation repository for donation to medically indigent patients.


Across Idaho and beyond, free clinic experts have developed resources for your use. Documents include forms, job descriptions, policies and procedures, and more!


Our Google Group is a private forum for members of the Idaho Association of Free & Charitable Clinics to network; ask questions; and share updates, news, and resources. Email to join the IAFCC Members ListServ or submit your email using the button below.

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Keep track of important IAFCC meetings, due dates, and opportunities for professional development.

We Support Idaho's Free Clinics 

Idaho Association of Free & Charitable Clinics (IAFCC) envisions a healthy Idaho where all of us can get preventative, comprehensive healthcare and treatment for disease. We know that you do too. IAFCC is thrilled to support free clinics in Idaho and their workforces by providing resources for the staff, board members, and volunteers at our member clinics.

We also offer training, educational opportunities, and professional development for IAFCC members. Member meetings are hosted every other month on the third Thursday from 11:00 am-12:00 pm.

Don't miss our annual gathering! IAFCC and member clinics meet yearly at the Idaho FMC Annual Conference hosted by the Idaho Bureau of Rural Health and Primary Care, Division of Public Health, and the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare.

If you are a free or charitable clinic and not a member of IAFCC, contact Mindy at to learn more about membership benefits.