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May Is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month, a designation meant to increase awareness and understanding of mental health resources, and Idaho’s free and charitable clinics are here to support this effort. Did you know that one in four Idahoans experience mental illness? Here at Idaho’s network of free and charitable clinics, we know more than ever how important taking care of mental health is, and how connected it is to our overall well-being.

This month, and every month, we want to encourage our fellow Idahoans to reach out to us if they need support for their mental health, and we want to spread the word that Idaho’s free and charitable clinics are here. It can be daunting to address mental health issues, especially without insurance, but the good news is that treatments can really help. With the right care, support, and medication patients can manage their mental health.

Idaho’s free and charitable clinics address mental health by providing access to behavioral health services and improving access to quality healthcare, alleviating the stress associated with access and cost of healthcare for the uninsured.

Many of Idaho’s free and charitable clinics provide patients with care directed at improving and managing mental health. From counselors and spiritual counselors who volunteer their time, to social workers who are integrated into a whole health primary care visit, Idaho’s free and charitable clinics are improving access to mental health care for Idahoans who lack insurance. 

Access to healthcare can be a challenge to some in Idaho and, unfortunately, many of our friends and neighbors experience barriers to care. An increased burden to both access and afford healthcare creates additional mental stress on top of the health issue an individual is dealing with. Idaho’s Free and Charitable Clinics provide free quality healthcare to patients who could otherwise not afford to be treated. 

So this May, and every month, remember to connect with Idaho’s free and charitable clinics if you are in need and share our services with others so we can continue to contribute to improving mental health care across the state.


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