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Rexburg Free Clinic: What a gift!

I want the people here to know what a gift they have at the clinic where people like Dr. Hopkins and Dr. Bradbury (great, well-known and beloved doctors) are giving their time to help those in need.

I was in desperate need of medical help with no money or insurance. I had felt hopeless for months. After finding out about the clinic and reaching out, they were able to see me within a week. They helped me get the lab work I needed.

They showed me how to find medicine at the lowest cost. So many of my anxieties have been lifted because of their help. I am so grateful for them and hope this community knows there are people here willing to help the poor or those struggling financially without judgment.

What a gift you have, Rexburg, at the Rexburg Free Clinic.


Tiffany Simmons

Originally published August 15, 2022 in the Rexburg Standard Journal


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