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This Giving Season

This giving season, we reflect on all we are grateful for. The support of our caring communities and dedicated volunteers, and our wonderful patients remind us daily that our free and charitable clinics are doing good work.

Idaho’s Free and Charitable Clinics depend on the charity of others to provide healthcare to our community members who need it most. The care we provide helps our fellow Idahoans manage their health concerns without putting them into healthcare debt and takes a further burden off of the public health system and our social safety net.

Free and charitable clinics have worked incredibly hard to break down barriers to healthcare services. This year many have increased offerings in dental and behavioral healthcare, and some are building new facilities to accommodate Idahoans in need of quality healthcare.

However, 2023 has been hard for non-profits everywhere, and Idaho’s free and charitable clinics are no exception. We hope that we can count on our community to give to clinics this year. Every little bit helps.

We thank all our supporters and volunteers, old and new. With your help, we will continue to be here for our Idaho communities. Please click here to find a clinic to support this giving season, or donate through our association to support growing resources and awareness for all clinics.


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